Flatline's Weekly Shoutout & Shitlist

Every week I get at least 1 or 2 scoresheets that will make me say "what the fuck?"...

So I'm going to pick out the worst scoresheet and display it for all to see..

And I'll pick something that deserves a shoutout.

Also, this is all in good fun.


Week 8 Shitlist goes to:

Bad News Spares, Bowlderdash & Pinny Candy

How many bowlers are you going to have on your team in 1 season? Do some of you have multiple bowling names?

Bad News Spares & Bowlderdash each have 12 Bowlers that have rolled this season...

Pinny Candy has 11...

Two other teams have 10 bowlers.


Shoutout goes to: Holden Green

This is the first time I haven't seen him black out on a Thursday..

.. granted he is bowling Friday, and had to work Thursday.. but still.. mark it on your calendar.

Also shoutout to Sultans for ending LOS' 21? game winning streak. All good things must come to an end..