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BOPO Bowlers

BOPO Name, #

Real Name


Bowling Style

Years at BOPO

How you got your bowling name

Favorite BOPO Memory


Karl Hungus #2

Charlie Mitchell

Winslow, ME

Right 1 Handed

15 Years BOPO

I Believe in Nothing. Has a memory of a goldfish that got blackout drunk.


Tron #12

Anthony Libby

Waterville, ME

Left 1 Handed

14 Years BOPO

My nickname comes from one of the key characters from the Canadian cult-classic, mockumentary film FUBAR.

Winning it all in 2008 in the inaugural year of BoPo & becoming the first team to win a second league championship in 2011.


Space Farmer #20

Matt Bates

Voorheesville, NY

Right 1 Handed

10 Years BOPO

We used to get very high and play intramural softball in college, and we wanted to have the least intimidating team name, so we called ourselves the Space Farmers....then walking around campus people would see you and say "arent you a Space Farmer?" when it came time for a name, I pulled it back out.

I think the very first PBA weekend...screaming until we were dead and showing the world what BOPO really is about.


Tilt-a-Whirl #23

Angela Tilton

Buckfield, ME

Right 1 Handed

13 Years BOPO

Winning 2017 team of the year


Trash Island #37

Carl Pyram

Queens, NY

Right 1 Handed

2 Years BOPO

Playing trivia with friends we decided to name our team Trash Island. The place we’d play trivia gave too much of everything and at the end of the night we’d have plies of trash on our table. So we called our selves trash island.

Winning draft league in 2021


Putt Putt #46

Dan Venezio

Albany, NY

Right 1 Handed

13 Years BOPO

I'm the golf pro at PCC.

The late shift draft league night that ended at 11:45 pm.  One of the bowlers on the pair rolled a 17 in game 3.  Epic night.

Rick Vaughn.jpg

Rick Vaughn #99

Tom Reynolds

Pittsburgh, PA

Right 1 Handed

10 Years BOPO

Was told I needed a bowling name and have always loved Major League, so it seemed appropriate for bowling

1) my first experience was draft league in 2012.  Supah Deep.   Life altering.
2) my first BoPo team: started the lions den in 2014.   Love those guys!
3) post bowling ball karaoke in 2018 with Bowl Murray
4) Wes Anderson themed bowling ball in 2022 was my all time favorite bowling ball


Chernobylayne #187

Layne Lessard

Jefferson City, MO

Right 1 Handed

14 Years BOPO

Bingas sauce inspired

Beating the Philadelphia Hitmen on ESPN.


Magic #203

Brad Swanson

Roca, Nebraska

Right 1 Handed

8 Years BOPO

Nickname: From High School

Beating Hungus in a bowl off to advance to Kingshit playoffs then beating Stevie Strikes after being called out.


Nugget #233

Kathleen Nugent

Buxton, ME

Right 1 Handed

8 years BOPO

I have been called Nugget since I was little. With the last name Nugent it was a pretty easy nickname. I've stuck with it ever since!

Winning the 2021 BOPO Championship


Lil Lane Master #236

Sarah Lancaster

Standish, ME

Right 1 Handed

10 Years BOPO

So many. But definitely 2020 BoPo season takes the cake. Brand new Pinups team thrown together at the last minute to have a crazy, fun season playing A teams and a few B teams and making it to B league finals. A first in Pinups history.

Purple Nurple.jpg

Purple Nurple #249

Evan Williams

Santa Fe, NM

Right 1 Handed

10 Years BOPO

Favorite childhood wrestling move.

Lifting and then parading Holden around the lanes while he became a human beer sprinkler.

G Unit.jpg

G Unit #288

George Carusone

Nashua, NH

Right 2 Handed

8 Years BOPO

My wife jokingly called me G Unit one time (because of my first name). She thought it was hilarious and it just kinda stuck.

Winning the 2021 3v3 championship with Boomhammer and G Force but specifically we had to win a baker bowl off on the way there (I think it was the semi-finals).  For some reason they decided that I was the anchor and I ended up leaving a vicious split but I picked it up and we were able to take control from there.


Viking #340

Aaron Zeisler

Sayreville, NJ

Right 1 Handed

8 Years BOPO

I am a huge Viking fan.   I originally wanted Purple Viking but was told Purple was already in use.

The team at the tattoo parlor after winning BoPo 2020.


Swanny #344

Eric Swanson

Bath, ME

Right 1 Handed

10 Years BOPO

Derivative of last name

Partying with good friends when the music is jamming


Herb'n Legend #357

Terry Robinson

Brewer, ME

Right 1 Handed

9 Years BOPO

Simple.  I love Mary Jane and I beat Walter Ray.

Reeling off 6 consecutive strikes to end my match against Walter Ray Williams Jr. at the PBA Maine Shootout in front of my family & friends.


Iceberg #365

Chuck Gannon

Basking Ridge, NJ

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

The best ingredient of a Turkey Club
(or just the tip)

All of them


Spare Me #378

Jennifer Aalto

Saco, ME

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

I was (still am) the worst bowler on my team. “Spare Me” = “please don’t make me do this!”

First game bowling with Tattoos & Titties! They hadn’t won a game for quite a while and we got the W in my first match with them. We cheered so hard, Invisible Hand threw a yellow flag.


Crackerjack #433

Josh Porter

Auburn, ME

Left 1 Handed

7 Years BOPO

Gutterboy came up with the name for me. We were trying to figure out a name based around how loud my strikes were, while he was rapid firing names at me the conversation went like this Gboy:"Big Smash, Lightning Crash, Whip Crack, Crackerjack" Me:"That one! Crackerjack". Fun fact, Crackerjack also means someone that's really good at something.

My first BoProAm. And the ensuing afterparty. The rest of that memory that I can actually remember is classified though. what happens at BoPo stays at BoPo.

8 Bit.jpg

8 Bit #482

Jerry Desjardins

Lewiston, ME

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

I work in IT and my first ball was a Storm Byte.  There are 8-bits in byte.

Winning the roll off that put us in the first 3v3 finals, which we won!


Squatch #489

Mat Yerkes

Cheshire, CT

Right 2 Handed

7 Years BOPO

My name started as Beefsquatch (from Bob's Burgers) and was shortened by people at Bayside. It's been Squatch ever since.

My first ever season. It set the bar for what I expect from BoPo, and it's why I love the league and the community.


Triple G #498

Gregg Carine

Hampton, NH

Right 2 Handed

4 Years BOPO

GreGG=Triple G

Going to the B League finals my first year in BoPo.


All Day Lemay #512

Jenn Lemay

Portland, ME

Right 1 Handed

4 Years BOPO

The night of my 300 - I had a good look into the pocket and was bowling casco bay, and my team just kept saying she strikes all day, and there it was, "All Day Lemay".

The bowling ball of 2022 - what a day. I started my day off the lanes running a Dirty Dog Mud run 5k, then onto a long day of bowling! My bowling day started off with a doubles title, and into the 2022 BOPO title! What a day to remember!


Master Splinter #531

Jimmy Clark

Auburn, ME

Right 1 Handed

7 Years BOPO

Bowling with saucy posse I was told I teach the mutants hahah

Dropping the 2019 saucy posse banner on the first night of draft. Then getting that brick in my first game ever in draft league!


Nut Sauce #532

Mallory Clark

Auburn, ME

Right 1 Handed

7 Years BOPO

My last name was Nutting and I bowl for Saucy Posse.

Winning our first BoPo Championship in 2017!


ViQueen #536

Sarah Hardy

Fairfield, OH

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

I wanted something related to my partner’s nickname (Viking). He kept suggesting female Viking names but I didn’t want to be Brunhilda or Helga. Viqueen is a better match.

Winning the 2020 BoPo championship of course is the very best memory. In an earlier season I bowled my highest score in league (232) but that game Buck Ripcord bowled a 300 against us so I still lost my point anyway! It was awesome nonetheless. That is just how BoPo goes, the best of times and worst of times. it keeps you grounded!


Glossy Mexican #584

Zac Louten

Augusta, ME

Right 1 Handed

7 Years BOPO

This nickname goes all the way back to middle school when I was trying to come up with a screen name for AOL Instant Messenger, remember that shit? It was a nickname a friend gave me and for some reason it stuck. Even into college, and clearly beyond.

Memory is a little foggy from all the Mooseheads but winning draft league in 2017 was a highlight for sure. A close second would be getting a brick.


Lefty #631

Lou Harle

Dubuque, IA

Left 1 Handed

4 Years BOPO

Pretty boring; I'm a Lefty :-)

Hard to really pick one out; I've had some fantastic times meeting new people, laughing, bowling and in general having a good time!


Doc Moose #657

Tim Nolan

Bangor, ME

Right 1 Handed

12 Years BOPO

Partly from my brother and partly from a game I took over from my son.

Getting my brick!


G-Force #659

Fred Crooks

Levittown, PA

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

The “G” comes from a nickname for Grandpa, sometimes called G-Pa, or simply G. The “Force” comes from having served a long happy career with the US Air Force. Combined, I am G-Force.

The 2017 BoPo Ball summarizes my best BoPo memory. Won Thursday B Division. Won B League Championship. Only undefeated team in BoPo. Crowned Rookie of the Year, and although not the league MVP, Hungus awarded me a special Men’s MVP and presented me with Norm Dukes’ 2017 Elias Cup Mark Roth Most Valuable Player trophy.


Lil Pickle #662

Christine Nolan

Falmouth, ME

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

Duct tape! My GORUCK training & events are the hardest physical things I’ve ever done. Because it’s something I love and am still doing, I wanted to carry it over into bowling. Early on, carrying bricks wrapped in duct tape was part of it. My duct tape had little pickles on it that said “Dill with it”. So whenever things got tough during events or self-doubt came up, my friends reminded me of my lil’ pickle tape and to just dill with it.

The way BoPo has embraced my dad! Hearing the G-Force chant when he won Rookie of the Year in 2017, or the palpable excitement and support for him when he was going for a brick, or just the week-to-week Geeeeee-Fooorce cheers brings me absolute pride and joy! If I had a dollar for everyone who has told me how much they love him, I’d be as rich in money as I am in family.


Cleveland #717

David Brais

Ashtabula, OH

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

I am from Northeast Ohio and a friend shouted out "Cleveland" when I was getting a bowling number. I guess it's better than "Burning River."

Any time I get to hang with G-Force!


Sweet Hot Gravy #752

Dom Cannaday

Harlem, NY

Right 2 Handed

2 Years BOPO

Had an ex employee spilled hot gravy on himself.  I came in the next day and heard he blamed on me , saying Dom had the gravy to hot . So I named myself HOT GRAVY! 

Playing with PBA bowlers


Heartbreak Kid #753

Kenny Sweet

Portland, ME

Right 2 Handed

5 Years BOPO

Favorite wrestler

Winning the BoPo title


Couch #762

Randy Plummer

Cumberland, ME

Right 1 Handed

8 Years BOPO

Coaching high school bowling. The kids gave me the name Couch instead of Coach.

Rookie of the year
Winning my first all star night
Thursday champs


Mama D #803

Melissa Dalfonso

Westbrook, ME

Right 1 Handed

6 Years BOPO

It's just who I am. Everyones Mama.

Having the entire crowd chant my name for MVP when LOS won the title.


Sticky Fingers #817

Ben Ferri

Gray, ME

Right 2 Handed

5 Years BOPO

I grow and sell weed.

Watching the PBA for the first time at Bayside. Showed up wearing an afro wig, yellow-tinted sunglasses, red pants, and a white fur coat with nothing underneath. I was quickly ushered down to the front of the floor in front of the cameras, and was then told by Slow Roll I needed to "find my spot and hit it"... I've never shimmied and shown my bare-chested-dad-bod off harder in my life.


Lil Rusty #831

Gabriel Whitney
New Hampshire
Right 1 Handed
5 Years BOPO

I used to live in Nashua, NH about 2 hours away from Portland, and my sister (Red Fury) and her hubby (The OG Portland Lumberjacks Mascot "Magnus") asked me if I wanted to join their cool kid bowling league called BoPo. As one perpetually willing to go to great lengths for a good time, I joined without question. Then they tell me, “no one goes by their real name,". Sounded just like the Appalachian Trail, so I figured I'd go with my trail name, "The Treat". However, that name was given on the trail and just felt like a different vibe, so they told me to think on it and have one picked out for game day. My hiking persona was too mellowed out for something party competitive so, I started brainstorming. I consulted my friends. I called my parents. I asked strangers in the grocery store, I researched nick names. I talked to my doctor, his nurse and other people in the waiting room. I asked my clients. Then the night before game day I had a dream. In this dream I was on an island that had a mountain in the middle. The island felt like a holy place as all over the mountain were statues that looked like those huge heads on Easter Island. They were all over the mountain very large at the bottom and then getting smaller the higher you climbed until at the top of the mountain they were the height of a basketball hoop. All different widths though. The statues were super impressive and the reason I was there was to try and learn how they made and how they moved these huge stone carvings. They were very small people. So I am hanging by the water with some local kids skipping rocks into a super calm ocean, I am talking like puddle calm. We are trying to throw rocks simultaneously to make designs with the ripples of our skips. Then we see some ripples coming toward us that weren’t from our stones. Perplexed, we look to the horizon and see several ships that looked like they were a blaze and sailing towards the island. They had a very ominous look to them. Immediately we ran to the village holy man and I try to explain what we saw, except I don’t know their language. He looks worried, but immediately starts to rush around to gather everyone and head up the mountain. He points to glyphs on the wall that show the mountain is fortified with tunnels and there is an entrance hidden under one of the statues at the top. So about 100 of us start rushing up the mountain. I am near the back trying to help the slow folks and see the ships land. I can’t see much, but I can tell that whatever was coming wasn’t human and they were on fire. So these flaming creatures are on our tail as we rush up the mountain closing the gap all the time. Up near the top there are no trees just baren rocky crags and these statues. When I get up there the holy man makes it clear that either because I am not local or because I am too large, I can’t enter their safe tunnels. Worried, I look back and see these things rushing up the mountain. A handful of island folk who I had befriended insisted on staying with me and fighting. So it’s me and 6 very short village people. We start to look for clubs or sticks which there are none and then for rocks to throw at these beasts when they get close enough, but every stone is super small. I reach in my pocket and I have 2 stones from when I was skipping stones earlier. I try to hand them to the others, but they say because I am the biggest I should throw them. As these flaming creatures get closer and are weaving through the statues moving up the mountain I realize there are way too many of them to do any damage with these skipping stones. So I start to mentally prepare for hand to hand combat. I then realized the people with me were doomed so I started to try and boost them up on top of one of the statues and I realize it’s kinda wobbly. Then I had an idea. I run further up the mountain with the villagers who decided to fight with me and leave one guy, the fastest guy, standing on top of the wobbly rock. The creatures are getting closer and closer. Right before they surround the wobbly statue my village friend is on, I throw one of my rocks …. and I miss completely. So, I pick up my second rock, my last rock, and heave that stone with all my might at the giant head statue he’s on, he times it perfect and jumps off trying to push the wobbly statue in the direction of another statue. I fucking nail it and it starts to fall. It hits another statue and this starts a domino effect where all the sudden these huge statues are falling and rolling and hitting other statues that then fall and roll until there’s a huge avalanche of Easter Island looking head statues rolling down the mountain absolutely decimating these creatures. There isn’t even a corpse left behind there’s just guts and bodily fluids. So, now all the statues on this side of the island are at the bottom in a pile and the creatures are totally smushed and the holy man and all the village come out from where they were watching from in the tunnels. Everyone is in awe and the holy man comes up to me, now surrounded by everyone in the village. He points to me and then picks up a small rock and holds up one finger and throws it at the ground. Then he starts belly laughing and everyone starts to laugh and points at me shaking their heads saying “No, No, No”. Then he picks up a second stone and holds up 2 fingers and everyone grows quiet. He then throws it will all his might down the mountain and screams out a wild sounding yelp and everyone joins in. I look down the hill at the pile of statues and then back at him. He then holds up 1 finger and throws a pebble at his own feet and everyone yells, “NO, NO, NO” and start laughing again. So I turn to the holy man and say, “I guess I’m a Lil Rusty” and he yells back, “YOUUUUU LILLLL RUSSTSTY” Then we all start laughing and slide down the mountain on our butts cause it’s so slippery covered with creature guts that were crushed by the statues and we went to have a pizza party.

Winning in the playoffs and in the same year, Winning Team of the year 2022!

Mrs Brady.jpg

Mrs. Brady #838

Angeliec Goulding

Auburn, ME

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

My love for Tom.

Winning the 2020 (Covid) BOPO Banner!


Eggroll #883

Joe Nguyen

South Portland, ME

Right 1 Handed

4 Years BOPO

I’m Asian. I like to roll. I like eggrolls. I am Eggroll.

Winning the 2020 B Championship!


LL Cool J #884

Jordan O'Donal

Portland, ME

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

Big Fan of LL Cool J and was given to me years ago by some ladies.

Winning the B Division Championship in my first season with some of my best friends on the Brooklyn Hookers.


Frankie Abralon #917

James Goulding III

Danville, ME

Left 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

I was listening to my iPod working in the pro shop many years ago and a Frankie Avalon song came on. A guy came in and said I was a magician resurfacing bowling balls like Frankie Avalon was a magician on the microphone. I said, I guess that makes me Frankie Abralon then, huh? He said YES! The rest is history.

Winning the Microphone Award at the Bowling Ball this past season. When I stood there getting recognized by all of BoPo for our effort to promote every single bowler in our center, all the time, that meant more to me than any tournament win.


Brooklyn #938

Jake O'Donal

Portland, ME

Right 1 Handed

7 Years BOPO

First game I ever bowled at bayside with “Bama” of BiB while practicing prior to the 2014 skittles memorial tournament I started front 7 all brooklyn strikes. Bama said we are calling you “Brooklyn”.

Winning 2015 Bopo title as a rookie with BiB.
2018 Bopo MVP
Bopo Inaugural March Madness title
2022 Bopo title with Oddballs


Flatline #989

Scott Nevers

Gorham, ME

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

I survived a Cardiac Arrest in 2013 when I was 27 years old. I was technically dead for 35 minutes, and was shocked by an AED 22 times. Seems fitting.

Either between winning the BOPOProAm, rolling a 299/812 series in one of the Hungus Touraments, or partying with the PBA pros on my birthday.


Lil Kimchi #990

Dena Sutton

Alfred, ME

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

I'm Korean

The first time when Eggroll DJ'd.


Beer Hunter #1046

Scott Chadburn

South Portland, ME

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

Just a combo of my favorite things hunting and beer

Winning the Torneo d Karl y Arturo tournament and getting a Storm Roto grip sponsorship from El Niño


El Mango #1087

Bryan Elman

Scranton, PA

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

Qualifying for kingshit


Boom Hammer #1090

Andrew Beety

Scarborough, ME

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

I threw the ball well above 20 mph so things went Boom!

Winning B league 2020!


Lobsterman #1098

Joe Kenney

Harpswelll, ME

Right 1 Handed

5 Years BOPO

My job for most of my life.

The tournament on the night before bopo had to shut down due to covid. There was a special camaraderie in the air. We were all a big family and would get through it.


Inigo Montoya #1124

Trevor Henry

Winslow, ME

Right 1 Handed

1st Year BOPO

I have had several names for myself over the past few years playing in Casco.  During the PBA week, I was told I should have a nickname given to me.  I ran into Poo Bear and Master Splinter outside, mentioned this, and they both concurred that I looked like Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.  If anyone sees a man with six fingers on his right hand, please let me know...

Being drafted on my first team.  Lobster Pound, baby!


Caspah #1146

Cathy Anderson

Marion, IL

Right 1 Handed

2 Years BOPO

Bowling in Draft League and Bopo for the first time last season.  Was on a couple of great teams!!!!  Awesome people!!!


Mountain Man #1168

Logan Edwards

Island Falls, ME

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

When I moved back to Maine I had just spent 3 months camping and hiking across the western mountains and had quite the grizzly beard.

Meeting new people in Draft league and going out to the bar after league.


Malcolm #1251

Adam Lancaster

Standish, ME

Right 1 Handed

2 Years BOPO

Gave it to myself.  The old scoring screens where I first started bowling at just said your bowling name followed by a huge X when got a strike.  Hence Malcolm X

When Mama D gave me props after we beat them in Draft '21 playoffs


Humbolt Hunny #1252

Kelsey Wood

Arcata, CA

Right 1 Handed

3 Years BOPO

Space Farmer chose it during a safety meeting in the parking lot.

Winning the 2022 BOPO B Championship with the Trolls!


Poo Bear #1294

Sean Driggers

Gainesville, GA

Right 1 Handed

2 Years BOPO

I was called Poo Bear by friends because of my big lovable vibe I apparently give off

Winning the 2021 B league Championship


Sonny D #1305

Josh Dalfonso

Westbrook, ME

Right 1 Handed

2 Years BOPO

Couch insisted

Watching my mom (mama D) win the mvp trophy hearing the mvp chant for her


Wall #1315

Stephen Wall

Caribou, ME

Right 1 Handed

1st Year BOPO

Charlie saying I got into the draft league off the waitlist!


Mr. Vintage #1319

Mike Pelleteri

Norfolk, MA

Right 1 Handed

1 Year BOPO

I’m old and valuable!

Being asked by 8 Bit to join his team!!

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